Buy RIOT ACCESS USA Gift Cards | Automatic & Instant Delivery via Email | Pay in Naira, Cedi or any Currency | Genuinely and Directly Sourced from Riot Access. Launch the League of Legends client. Click on Store -> Purchase RP -> Prepaid Cards & Riot Pin and enter your code.



Buy RIOT ACCESS USA gift cards online in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the world. Receive your RIOT ACCESS USA gift cards vouchers, PINs, Codes and complete details instantly via email. Pay with your Naira, Cedi and any currency debit/credit cards, USSD, internet (online) banking transfer, direct bank transfer, QR, and more. Send Riot Access Gift Cards to someone in United States including family and friends and make them happy today.

1. Launch the League of Legends client or go to to create an account. 2. Click on the Store button. 3. Click on the Purchase RP button. 4. Select Prepaid Cards & Riot Pin and enter your code. 5. Click Submit. We may (and probably will) create updated versions of theseTerms in the future as the Riot Services and applicable laws evolve. When we do, we’ll inform you of the new agreement which will supersede and replace these Terms. You’ll be given an opportunity to review any new agreement we present to you and decide whether you wish to agree to the revised terms. If you accept the new agreement, you’ll be able to continue using the Riot Services. If you decline the new agreement, you won’t be able to use the Riot Services anymore.


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