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Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly Online in Nigeria at the Highest Rates - Best & Legit Site to Trade Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards FAST

  • You are required to upload clear pictures of the gift card below. Your GiftCards.Africa account may be blocked permanently if you submit fake gift card details. Do not upload used cards or cards submitted on another platform to avoid being suspended.
  • Due to the volatility of the gift card rates, the supposed amount to receive may be recalculated based on the exchange rate present when your gift card was confirmed on our end.
  • It takes approximately 15 minutes or more for the uploaded gift card amount to be verified and credited instantly to your bank account. We will automatically send your payment directly to the bank account that you submitted. You won’t pass through a wallet system that takes a long process in getting paid.
  • We do not charge any transfer fees. With us, you get the full value of your gift card trade. Alright, enough of the long talks, let’s trade now.

How to Sell Gift Cards Online in Nigeria for Instant Cash: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the GiftCards.Africa website ( or download the GiftCards.Africa mobile app from Google Play.
  2. Log in to your GiftCards.Africa account or create a new account on GiftCards.Africa.
  3. Click on the Sell Gift Cards link on the navigation menu to open the gift cards to cash conversion page.
  4. Read the important notes (instructions) on the page to avoid mistakes.
  5. Select the gift card that you want to sell. They include but are not limited to Amazon, Google Play, Apple/Itunes, Steam, American Express, eBay, Footlocker, Green Dot, Macy, Nike, Nordstrom, Razer Gold, Sephora, Target, Vanilla, Visa, Walmart, Xbox, etc.
  6. Choose the gift card country and currency. They include but are not limited to the United States (USD), Europe (EUR), United Kingdom (GBP), Canada (CAD), Australia (AUD), Brazil (BRL), Malaysia (MYR), New Zealand (NZD), Singapore (SGD), Switzerland & Liechtenstein (CHF), etc.
  7. Choose the gift card type. There are two types of gift cards that you can sell online in Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa. They are Physical gift cards and eCode gift cards. Physical gift cards are mostly bought from a physical store and they are made of scratched plastics. To redeem a physical card, you must possess the actual card, and you need to carefully scratch them to show clear details. eCode gift cards are bought online and sent to your email address. These gift cards include card numbers, PINs, codes, or scanned images with instructions that can be used to redeem them.
  8. Enter the amount of gift card you want to convert to cash. There is a minimum limit of 10 and a maximum limit of 5000 per trade. The higher the amount, the higher the rate.
  9. Confirm that the ‘amount to receive’ showing on the page is accurately calculated at the specified rate.
  10. Crosscheck and confirm that your bank account details showing on the page are correct. We will send your payment automatically and directly to this your bank account details. If you have not added your bank account details, kindly click on the ‘Add Bank Account’ link.
  11. Upload your gift card images. Please, upload only clear pictures (images) of your gift card. You can also upload multiple gift cards at once. Warning: Do not upload a used or invalid card to avoid suspension.
  12. Add additional information. You can add more details about the gift card, like Card Number, eCode, PINs, etc.
  13. Accept the terms and conditions.
  14. Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button shown on the page to submit your request.
  15. Your bank account will be credited instantly with cash after confirmation of your submission.


This is how you can sell or convert your unused gift cards to cash online in Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa. This situation can arise especially when a family member (relative) or a friend sent you a gift card for shopping, but you rather wish to sell it for cash. GiftCards.Africa is the best and most trusted website to sell your gift cards for instant cash.

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