Vanilla® eGift Visa Gift Card


Buy Vanilla® eGift Visa Gift Cards | Automatic & Instant Delivery via Email | Pay in Naira, Cedi, or any Currency | Genuinely and Directly Sourced from Vanilla® eGift Visa. To redeem, visit STRICTLY for US Residents



Buy Vanilla® eGift Visa Gift Cards Online in Nigeria & Africa

Buy Vanilla® eGift Visa gift cards online in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the world. Receive your Vanilla® eGift Visa gift card vouchers, PINs, Codes, and complete details instantly via email. Pay with your Naira, Cedi, and any currency debit/credit cards, USSD, internet (online) banking transfer, direct bank transfer, QR, and more. Send Vanilla® eGift Visa Gift Cards to someone in the United States including family and friends and make them happy today. Please, don’t buy this product if the recipient is not living in the United States. For other countries, you can go for Mastercard® Prepaid Card USD US Gift Card.

Redeem Instructions – STRICTLY for US Residents

  1. Virtual Account is a prepaid Virtual Account loaded by the Corporate Sponsor, redeemable to buy goods and services anywhere Visa debit Virtual Accounts are accepted, as described in the Virtual Account Use and Fees section. The Virtual Account is NOT a credit card.
  2. The Virtual Account is not a checking account or connected in any way to any account other than a stored value account where your funds are held.
  3. The expiration date of the Virtual Account and the Virtual Account funds is identified on the Virtual Account eReward Visa Virtual Account holder Agreement.


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  • Phone Number: 1-833-634-3155


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